What’s Special About May 7?

Do you still have a scrapbook?

Andawn F.
2 min readMay 7, 2022


Photo by Kirk Cameron on Unsplash

Today is National Scrapbook Day (the first Saturday in May in the U.S. only).

Everyone has had a scrapbook, or more than one.

Remember how you cut the newspapers and pasted the exciting pieces into a notebook? That’s one of my sweetest memories about primary school.

It’s sweet because I was still in primary school — that’s the main reason.
It’s sweet because people used to have so much time for things more meaningful than monitoring their cell phones every minute.
It’s sweet because I had won a champion in a scrapbook contest in my third grade.
It’s sweet because I carry my scrapbook with me anywhere I travel. I spend hours every evening sorting out all the tickets, invoices, photos, flower petals, and tree leaves that I picked up during the day.
It’s sweet because once I found a 100-dollar banknote in my scrapbook — why did I want to save money that way? I forgot.
It’s sweet because the good old days are gone, but the happy moments are still there — vividly in different tokens.
I love my scrapbooks — they are more ‘eventful and informative’ but less embarrassing than diaries and journals.

Thank you, all my scrapbooks.

Do you still keep a scrapbook? Do you still record your life that way?

Why not?




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