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2 min readDec 10, 2020


Pexels, by Pablo de Haro

This morning, when we were about to close our door, we heard a “ding” from the elevator which had arrived just in time — for our neighbor in room 04 (one of the 4 apartments on our floor).

My wife and I exchanged a glance briefly and tacitly agreed on a deliberate “delay” which will spare us from riding the same elevator with the 04 lady.

It’s not that we don’t like her — we actually hardly know her. Never had we exchanged a word in our past encounters, in and out of the building.

We kindly felt a need to wait for the next elevator, guessing she must have felt the same. Many people nowadays do so as a secret way to have some time alone. No one is to blame for that I guess.

But to our surprise, there she was standing in the cabin, fiddling with her cellphone with one hand, holding the open-door button with the other, waiting for us.

In a country where people almost never hold elevators for others, it was something.

We stepped in, nodded to her with a thank-you. She released the button and we were downstairs, parting again like strangers as usual, like nothing has just happened.

“When strangers start acting like neighbors, communities are reinvigorated.”

— Ralph Nader



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