Moo Moo is dead, so we won’t buy a villa

Moo Moo is a dog, a female dog.

No, it is not a parody of the Sound of Music lyric.

We don’t have a villa and we won’t buy one.

No, I am not out of my mind.

Here is what happened.

Moo Moo was a dog, a female giant poodle, in a pet shop nearby.

When we saw her the first time, she was sleeping, her beautiful fur spreading all over around her body, making her silhouette very much like a painting on the wooden floor.

How cute! My wife exclaimed.

She was cute and highborn indeed. We had never seen a giant poodle before.

Moo Moo was awakened, blinking her eyes, not bothering to get up at our laud, as if saying “duh”.

We fell in love with her instantly.

Going back home, my wife and I started weighing the possibilities of raising a dog in our apartment.

Breed is no more a question — giant poodle, definitely.

Where to buy? — We may as well buy one at that pet shop.

Where to put it? — On one of the two balconies. A small dog pen won’t take up too much space.

Who is to walk it every day? — My wife and I will take turns, Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday. Or we can walk it together after work.

What about mornings? — I don’t mind getting up early and walk it every morning. Take it as a great opportunity to form a healthy habit.

What if we are out of town? — I can reduce my business trips. My wife doesn’t travel much anyway.

What about our vacations? — We can put it in a good pet hotel or shop if we have to be away for some days, or we can drive it with us for most domestic trips. It is better for it to stay in an expensive animal hotel than to get killed by the airlines. That for sure.

What if it gets sick? — It will be an expensive headache but there are quite some vet hospitals nearby — all seem clean and professional. All animals get sick, don’t they? Even we humans.

Do we allow it to get on our bed or eat at the same table with us? — Well, maybe… not, but let’s make a housebreaking plan and decide that later.

My wife and I were too excited to sleep that night. I even thought I had heard a dog barking somewhere outside our apartment after midnight.

Fast forward to the next morning.

So, deal? Are we going to have a dog finally?

Yes. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? My wife made a face.

What’s wrong, honey? I saw her wry grimace.

Nothing… It’s just… You know, I am just worried if we are really ready to take such a big responsibility. Having a dog is a serious commitment.

What if we regret after some time or we find we can’t afford the time to take good care of it every day. It will be a huge responsibility every DAY, rain or shine.

Maybe she is right. I looked around our small apartment, envisioning the picture of us with a fluffy dog, a giant poodle.

Maybe life with a dog is not as rosy as it seems.

Maybe a dog does not only bring along cuteness.

Maybe we should buy a bigger apartment.

Maybe we should be even bolder — buy a villa.

Haven’t we been dreaming about buying a villa for retirement in the future? Our dream villa.

By Villa, we don’t mean a grandiose manor like property. For people living in a mega city like ours, a villa is actually a townhouse, to be exact.

The following Monday, our villa tour began.

We signed up for a number of tours to all the new housing projects across and around the city.

We talked with different real estate agencies and calculated our deposit in the bank.

We even talked about selling some of our long-term stocks.

For our villa, and our dog.

Then, one day, Moo Moo was dead.

She died on the hospital bed, failed by her vet for her sterilization operation.

Why in the world does she need a sterilization operation?! She was only three years old.

What was her owner thinking?!

Her owner was too grieved to answer, heartbroken by her bad choice of the hospital.

Another month passed, we kept getting more and more phone calls from different realtors.

But we won’t buy a villa.

Moo Moo is dead, and we don’t want to have a dog anymore, not in an apartment, or a villa.



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