Gratitude 365: We Have A 19-Year-Old Bear

July 17, 2022 | Day 24

Andawn F.
2 min readJul 18, 2022


Three great things that happened today:

Her name is Groningen. Photo by author.
  1. Her name is Groningen, and she was born in the Netherlands.

My wife found (bought) her in Nov 2003 — she is 19 years old!
Since then, she has traveled the world with my wife.
In Bali, she was at our wedding ceremony;
In Germany, she poked her head from my back (backpack) all the way;
In Japan, she greeted the Nara deer one after another;
In New Zealand, she was amazed too by the Church of the Good Shepherd (Lake Tekapo) under the darkest sky on earth.
She is in every photo with my wife, and later us.
My wife has been looking for her siblings all these years, all in vain. Then, today, we bumped into an unknown bear in a shopping mall — we liked him at first sight and named him Groningen’s boyfriend. What did she think? We didn’t ask, but she blushed.

2. I had my first cup of “alcohol” in a Starbucks, not real alcohol, but only a coffee latte blended in whisky flavor.

Not bad, but not great either — wishy-washy, in a lollygagging Sunday afternoon. The point is not the drink, but another item checked off our wish list. What makes a moment unforgettable is not the length but with whom you shared it.

3. My wife started reading “You Are What You Risk: The New Art and Science of Navigating an Uncertain World” by Michele Wucker.

I opened the e-book on my kindle, too, on the sly — I wanted to be “on the same page” (pun!) with her😊



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